Jodi Taylor Series Reading Order

Here's the full reading order for the different series written by Jodi Taylor

The Chronicles of St Mary’s - click on the image for more information from Amazon.


 * indicates a digital only Short story - these are also available in print in the anthologies The Long and Short of It and Long Story Short.

Just One Damned Thing After Another

The Very First Damned Thing* - billed as a prequel but better read after Just One Damned Thing After Another to make more sense.

A Symphony of Echoes

When a Child is Born*

A Second Chance

Roman Holiday*

A Trail Through Time

Christmas Present*

No Time Like the Past

What Could Possible Go Wrong?

Ships and Stings and Wedding Rings*

Lies, Damned Lies and History

The Great St Mary’s Day Out*

My Name is Markham*

And the Rest is History

A Perfect Storm*

Christmas Past*

An Argumentation of Historians

The Battersea Barricades*

The Steam Pump Jump*

And Now for Something Completely Different*

Hope for the Best

When Did You Last See Your Father?*

Why Is Nothing Ever Simple*

Plan For The Worst

The Ordeal of the Haunted Room* 

Another Time Another Place 

The Toast of Time* 

A Catalogue of Catastrophe


The Long and the Short of It – an anthology of short stories.

Long Story Short – the second anthology of short stories.


The Time Police Series - spinoff from The Chronicles of St Mary's

About Time

Doing Time 

Hard Time

Saving Time

About Time - Oct 2022


Frogmorton Farm Series



The Nothing Girl

Little Donkey*

The Something Girl

Joy to the World*


Elizabeth Cage Series



White Silence

Dark Light

Long Shadows 


Regency Romance



A Bachelor Establishment





  • Jan

    I have just Discovered Jodi Taylor and this series, I love it, I have laughed, cried, Mourned. Whatever will I do when
    I’ve read the last one? I’m about half way through now.

  • Amber Griffiths

    Hurrah for the creative dream team work of the author and all who work on the Audible version, especially the infinitely talented Zara Ramm, reader/performer who to me IS the voice of oyr beloved heroine Max aka Lucy.

  • Gillian prideaux

    Just ‘found’ Jodi Taylor’ can’t believe I have spent so much time not knowing/reading her books. Laugh until I cry, hugely enjoy, brightens even the worst of days . Long may she continue to write.

  • Julie Doorne

    I I absolutely love all the books on this page, I have listened to the whole of each series at least 4 times. (Except the French ones). I would love another Frogmorton Farm story, but St Marys is still my favourite. The characters are so familiar to me I feel I know them like friends.
    Fantastic talent, thank you.

  • Nancy Boatwright

    I have listened to or read every book on this page and LOVE them all!! When will they become a television miniseries?!?! Thank you for sharing your talent

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