Jodi Taylor Series Reading Order

Here's the full reading order for the different series written by Jodi Taylor

The Chronicles of St Mary’s - click on the image for more information from Amazon.


 * indicates a digital only Short story - these are also available in print in the anthologies The Long and Short of It and Long Story Short.

Just One Damned Thing After Another

The Very First Damned Thing* - billed as a prequel but better read after Just One Damned Thing After Another to make more sense.

A Symphony of Echoes

When a Child is Born*

A Second Chance

Roman Holiday*

A Trail Through Time

Christmas Present*

No Time Like the Past

What Could Possible Go Wrong?

Ships and Stings and Wedding Rings*

Lies, Damned Lies and History

The Great St Mary’s Day Out*

My Name is Markham*

And the Rest is History

A Perfect Storm*

Christmas Past*

An Argumentation of Historians

The Battersea Barricades*

The Steam Pump Jump*

And Now for Something Completely Different*

Hope for the Best

When Did You Last See Your Father?*

Why Is Nothing Ever Simple*

Plan For The Worst

The Ordeal of the Haunted Room* 

Another Time Another Place 

The Toast of Time* 

A Catalogue of Catastrophe


The Long and the Short of It – an anthology of short stories.

Long Story Short – the second anthology of short stories.


The Time Police Series - spinoff from The Chronicles of St Mary's

About Time

Doing Time 

Hard Time

Saving Time

About Time - Oct 2022


Frogmorton Farm Series



The Nothing Girl

Little Donkey*

The Something Girl

Joy to the World*


Elizabeth Cage Series



White Silence

Dark Light

Long Shadows 


Regency Romance



A Bachelor Establishment




  • Amber Griffiths

    Hurrah for the creative dream team work of the author and all who work on the Audible version, especially the infinitely talented Zara Ramm, reader/performer who to me IS the voice of oyr beloved heroine Max aka Lucy.

  • Gillian prideaux

    Just ‘found’ Jodi Taylor’ can’t believe I have spent so much time not knowing/reading her books. Laugh until I cry, hugely enjoy, brightens even the worst of days . Long may she continue to write.

  • Julie Doorne

    I I absolutely love all the books on this page, I have listened to the whole of each series at least 4 times. (Except the French ones). I would love another Frogmorton Farm story, but St Marys is still my favourite. The characters are so familiar to me I feel I know them like friends.
    Fantastic talent, thank you.

  • Nancy Boatwright

    I have listened to or read every book on this page and LOVE them all!! When will they become a television miniseries?!?! Thank you for sharing your talent

  • Ameta

    I’m reading the series for the second time. I’m sitting here wiping the tears from my eyes as I finish the short story, The Great St Mary’s Day Out. My husband thinks I’m crazy because I suddenly burst out laughing every few minutes. The dialogue and situations are hilarious. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole series, but this has to be my favorite. However you come up with these plots and dialogue, Ms Taylor, please keep them coming. Your talent is amazing. Thank you!

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